Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stefan and Violin

My daughter, Kendy plays the Cello. She decided from her own enjoyment and personal growth of playing the Cello that she wanted this for her son. When he was three she went into the music store intending to buy Stefan a Cello. He was fascinated with and sure he wanted a violin. Since personal commitment and motivation were key, she got the violin. It was a little sixteenth size instrument. He is ready for a half size violin now. He had the opportunity to play for his school this past year and has made tremendous progress in his skills. This year he was accepted into the Intermediate Timpanogos Chanber Strings which will be a new and challenging experience working with the other musicians. He has an outstanding teacher David Beck who is Managing Director and Conductor of the Utah Valley Youth Symphony.

Olivia Ann Riggin

Olivia was greatly anticipated as the first child to Bret and Britt Riggin, the first grandchild of Ray and Donna Riggin and the first granddaughter to Marty and Anita Robbins. She decided to lessen the suspense by arriving three weeks early. Tiny but strong she came on July 6th the day after her Grandpa's, Marty Robbins, birthday.
The photo is of Olivia in her blessing dress. Britt had made a gorgeous one for her but it was waaaaaaay too big because Olivia was not even 5 pounds. Her Grandma Donna whipped out a darling dress using a doll dress pattern. Britt had to sew up the itty bitty shoes so they would fit. The blessing was wonderful. Many Spokane family members attended, Marty and I were there. Bret was one of the speakers. I'll sum up his wholehearted testimony of one of God's greatest earthly blessings, parenting, by quoting the same chorus of a country song he did. This was his immediate feelings the moment he held his little girl,
"Daddies don't just love their children every now and then.
It's a love without end, amen, it's a love without end, amen."

(Love Without End, Amen Lyrics by George Strait)