Monday, November 22, 2010

1998 Family News

This is a recap of the 1998 Family News we sent out at Christmas time that year.

Anita has been painting. She entered some shows this fall and won two awards. She’s now organizing a show in the mall for Spring as the exhibition director and vice president of the Utah Valley Artist Guild. Anita is planning to go back to school for her art degree at BYU.

Kendy is 18 now and her own Boss. She quit High School and Bon Losee Hair Design. She works at Mi Rachirito’s Mexican Restaurant. She is living with some girls in an apartment a few miles away. She is dating a great guy, Edgar Lius Arriscorreta, who we really like, super nice.

Casey ‘s taking German and 2 college credit classes at Timpview High School. He is excelling in both his computer classes and really has talent in programming and computer art. He got a car for his birthday but it got totaled shortly after. You will have to ask Casey for the story.

Brice Brice got in a horrific bike accident. He is weight lifting and still reading tons. He has 3 language classes at Timpview; English, American Sign Language and Japanese.

Brittney is a member of the National Honor Society. It is her last year at middle school. She is president of her church group. She is 13 and dominates the phone. Her friends are many and she enjoys Jazz dance, acting, and singing.

Dody, has been living with us. She works at Harmons as a Night Stalker. Dody enjoys playing basketball in her friend Sandy Hirshey’s pool and also the horses. We have all enjoyed having Dody with us.

Marty had his 40th birthday in Singapore. He went to Germany this year and loved it. He remolded the bathroom and has been working on some woodworking project He makes fabulous Sunday dinners we all enjoy, especially Apple Pie.