Monday, November 22, 2010

1998 Family News

This is a recap of the 1998 Family News we sent out at Christmas time that year.

Anita has been painting. She entered some shows this fall and won two awards. She’s now organizing a show in the mall for Spring as the exhibition director and vice president of the Utah Valley Artist Guild. Anita is planning to go back to school for her art degree at BYU.

Kendy is 18 now and her own Boss. She quit High School and Bon Losee Hair Design. She works at Mi Rachirito’s Mexican Restaurant. She is living with some girls in an apartment a few miles away. She is dating a great guy, Edgar Lius Arriscorreta, who we really like, super nice.

Casey ‘s taking German and 2 college credit classes at Timpview High School. He is excelling in both his computer classes and really has talent in programming and computer art. He got a car for his birthday but it got totaled shortly after. You will have to ask Casey for the story.

Brice Brice got in a horrific bike accident. He is weight lifting and still reading tons. He has 3 language classes at Timpview; English, American Sign Language and Japanese.

Brittney is a member of the National Honor Society. It is her last year at middle school. She is president of her church group. She is 13 and dominates the phone. Her friends are many and she enjoys Jazz dance, acting, and singing.

Dody, has been living with us. She works at Harmons as a Night Stalker. Dody enjoys playing basketball in her friend Sandy Hirshey’s pool and also the horses. We have all enjoyed having Dody with us.

Marty had his 40th birthday in Singapore. He went to Germany this year and loved it. He remolded the bathroom and has been working on some woodworking project He makes fabulous Sunday dinners we all enjoy, especially Apple Pie.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be a Weeble!

Often life has bumps in the road. I's easy to get stuck at these bumps. I have known people that tend to get hung up on an event in their life. They talk about it over and over again. They blame a lot of their bad decisions on this event. We all have such bumps.

Get over it!

If we can keep trying to climb the bumps or jump the bumps we get stronger.

When I'm feeling that things are tough I just try to be a Weeble. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sunnyside

I have changed my blog title to The Sunnyside of Life. This is a challenging time in my life. I take a day at a time and often, most often, I find wonderful things happening in my life and around me. When my focus is on the positive, the negative seems minute.

One of the blessings in my life right now is technology. I get to listen to my grandson, Stefan, practice his violin , he will call me up, put the phone on speaker and practice. Kendy even called me when he did his recite and I listened to that! I also get to see videos now and again of his events that I wish I were able to attend.

Britt skypes me on the computer and I can watch my granddaughter, Olivia, practice rolling over, sitting up, giggling or just smile because she reacts to my voice and image on the computer.

I've been pretty house bound for the past few weeks because my car engine is ruined and the weather is cold but with the internet, Wii fit, guitar hero, tv, painting, cleaning house, and caring for my disabled sister-in-law, Shelly, I have been pretty busy. I feel like I can order just about anything I need online and it will come to my door step. It just takes a little for-site. Technology provides me with options, convenience, and activities.

Definitely my favorite piece of new tech is my iphone. I enjoy playing a game of Shake and Spell with my daughters, even though they almost always win, they're both so smart. I can check my email and respond. I can take a photo or receive them and feel apart of the happenings of those that care to share. Britt has sent me a photo of Olivia since the day I left Spokane when she was only a few weeks old. I have literally got to see her grow-up daily.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stefan makes us abundantly proud of his many endeavors! After being inspired by “So You Think You Can Dance,” Stefan has begun pursuing several genres of dance. He auditioned for the Utah Valley String Sinfonia and was accepted as a second violinist. He has accomplished a great deal of personal growth with violin. Stefan took an exciting summer trip with grandpa to Carlsbad Caverns, Petrified Forrest and the Grand Canyon. Stefan is in the fourth grade, but is in the fifth grade advanced math class. He enjoys time at scouts, creating extraordinary objects out of legos, playing the wii and spending time with his family, dog and friends. We all recognize what a blessing he is to our lives and how enriched we are by him.
Kendy became a Licensed Practical Nurse earlier this year. She was elected President of the Utah Valley University Student Nursing Association. Kendy became a recipient of the Americorps Service Scholarship. After a long journey and many sacrifices by her and her boys, she completed the UVU nursing program. Kendy and her boys had the opportunity of caring for their Aunt Shelly a couple months this fall. They treasure that time with her; although it was not easy, it was an insurmountable blessing.
On the tenth anniversary of Luis’s employment at Usana, he said farewell to his friends and colleagues and began his career at a different company. He is now the Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Beluga Ventures. He enjoys his new position and is greatly appreciated there.

Britt graduated from BYU with a BS in Marriage, Family and Human Development.
Britt and Bret moved to Spokane, WA where Bret was born and raised. Bret coached his sister's softball league with his dad, while also being an umpire. Bret works fulltime and alo attends college to finish his degree in criminal justice.
Britt went into labor 3 1/2 weeks early, on her dad's birthday, Olivia is born the next day at 4 lbs 12 ounces
Olivia is gorgeous, smart, and a happy baby.

Brice and Angelina have worked at Massage Envy for two years now. Clientele is improving keeping them busy. They’ve been working on their home, two more walls to finish up in the bathroom and install a new sink and mirror. Eventually they will be moving on to the floors of hallways, kitchen, living room and bedrooms.
Angel enjoys reading, she is rereading the twilight saga series. Brice surprised Angel into seeing the New Moon at the Megaplex 20. “We were so ecstatic to finally watch movies in theaters with captions, made possible by reflective ‘windows’ and it are the only movie theater that has Caption in Utah!”

This year Casey realized that his best friend of three years, Ashley McNamara is an amazing girl and feel in love. He has been inspired to make his and her life better. He is the Lead Web Programmer at Envision Interactive. Located in the heart of Dallas, the company has various clients including a TV station that was doing a contest recently that required complex programming that Casey quite enjoyed doing. His work always brings on new challenges. Casey has been attending the Celebration Covenant Church with Ashley and her family. He feels inspired and looks forward to the New Year.

Britt wrote “On Sunday, November 8, my Grandma Bernadine Lujan passed away. She had just turned 73. Grandma was always down to earth. She told you what was on her mind, and was always very genuine.
If you looked up the definition of good ol' home cookin' you'd find her name and picture. She had a great sense of humor. Oftentimes we use the phrase "we've lost a love one" but she's not lost, I know exactly where she is, and because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I know I'll get to be with her again.