Friday, July 15, 2011

YAC and Y I Yell

Stefan and I had a marvelous time in California at the end of June 2011. Stefan was invited to attend the Young Actors Camp at the Asuza University. This week long experience included and parent camp which I attended. I was able to hear from and interact with actors, parents of actors, agents, managers, and casting directors. The first day we had a visit from Joey Lawrence who starred in Gimme a Break, Blossom and currently the sitcom Melissa and Joey. He was great in explaining the importance of the skills and passion involved in acting.
There was a number of guest actors that came but one of my favorites was a singing group that have made themselves popular via the internet. The group Y I Yell produce their own music, music videos and publicity on YouTube. They were energetic fun and talented. Stefan really enjoyed it also.Stefan preformed for the talent show. Not all of the campers preformed it was an intemidating audience but Stefan was brave. He did an awesome job even though the mic system was down.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Cy, my fourth and fabulous grandchild was born May 27th 2011. I was able to go see him when he was a week old. He is a mello fellow with charming cheeks and deep blue eyes. His hair is a strawberry blonde. He likes to be held but is not fussy. He loves to eat and is growing fast. I love him already and know he will be a great guy. Olivia is a wonderful BIG sister, although this new BIG Rig is going to out weigh her before she's three I bet. Bret is a proud daddy and Britt is a devoted mommy. What joy this new grandson brings to our lives!