Friday, January 2, 2009

Cooking for Ten!

The house was wildly busy and messy for the past two weeks. I have been cooking and cleaning for ten! We had enormous yummy dinners and treats.
We played a lot of fun games including chiming out Christmas carols on pipes. Kendy brought some great game ideas. We had a gift bow that was always on someone’s back and that meant they were IT and had to tag someone else with it without them being caught doing it. We played a game where there were wrapped boxes in boxes. We went around rolling dice and when you had doubles it was your turn to unwrap but you had to do it with oven mitts on. The last box was very small but it had 10 dollars in it. Lucky Luis got that.

I made pajamas for all the boys and bought a pair for the girls that we all wore on Christmas morning. The girls were in pink stripes and the guys in gray.

Marty gave me an incredible present. He gathered all my artwork digitally and compiled a book he wrote about me. It is full of about 150 pieces of my art. He actually had three books done for me, a paperback, a hard cover and a hardcover with a dust jacket. I was in shock and awe when I opened it. Reading it brought me to tears.

Christmas morning both Bret and Britt opened a present they had gotten for each other. It was a baby outfit that had on the emblem for the Boston Red Sox. We teased them that it meant they were having twins someday.

Because I did the painting of the Great Wolf Lodge they gave me a complimentary room that slept 6 so the Arriscorrettas and Brice and Angelina stayed there. They were able to enjoy the water park that is adjacent. Stefan really enjoyed the rides. It was a fun filled two weeks. It was sad to see everyone go but we have great hopes for all of them and the things they will do in 2009.

One night at dinner we discussed what would be different in our lives in a year from now and what about in five years. It was a great thing to think about. What we do now matters so it needs to be a planned pursuit. I’m still contemplating but I do know I want to do better art. I would like to feel healthier and have things more simplified and organized. I would like to do more things with Marty.


Debbie said...

Love the matching pjs.
Love the book Marty compiled for you.
Love all the fun games you played as a family.
And I especially loved your thoughts from the heart.

Happy New Year to you too!

Love, Debbie

Jane said...

What a fun Christmas you had as a family!! So fun. We just returned from my parents. It is so fun/crazy to have a full house. Wouldn't trade the time together for anything. I loved your thoughts and the beautiful and thoughtful gift Marty gave you. A true labor of love!

Ray said...

We loved the matching Red Sox outfits. We had a great time with kids in Utah. We now have 2 kids (3 counting Britt) down there now.

Ashley said...

How fun to have the family there. Christmas is all about family