Sunday, February 15, 2009

Three in the Hospital within 30 days!

From my journal October 20th 1981
"Kendy had a doctors appointment this morning. She went in 4 weeks ago for her year-old check up and there was a concern she weighed 15 lbs. 2 oz, well below the normal range. This follow-up visit showed her at 14lbs. 6 oz. Dr. Auxier insisted I take her to the hospital for tests and observation. Testing from the first visit showed a high level of nitrogen in her urine, a sign of kidney malfunction. At the hospital, they weighed her again, 14 lbs. 9oz. This was 1:30 in the afternoon. She ate a regular dinner of milk and baby food. They weighed everything."

That night many prayers were said by friends and family in Kendy's behalf. Two close friends, elders of our church, came to give her a special healing blessing. The disease in Kendy's body was commanded to leave and she was blessed to begin a normal growth pattern. I wrote, “It was a powerful and sincere blessing and I felt a lot of faith was in that room.”

Oct 21st entry: “This morning at 6:00 am Kendy weighed 15lbs, 9 oz! I couldn’t believe it and had the nurse weigh her again. The doctors couldn’t believe it and had her weighed on another scale and sure enough it read 15 lbs. 6 oz. She gained an entire pound in less then 24 hours. I knew it was the blessing and prayers and that she was healed.” That day they continued to do numerous tests and kept her for observation for 5 more days before releasing her to go home.

Nov. 14th , 1981

I am admitted to the hospital. My second baby, Casey, is born.

November 17th “I took Casey to see Dr. Auxier ( he routinely sees the baby on their 3rd day of life). Casey was asleep as the doctor listened to his heart beat. He listened for a long time and then said, “I will need to see him in a week,” and walked out of the room. I was dressing Casey when Dr. Auxier walked back in. “I’ve been thinking of what to do. You might have noticed I spent an unusual amount of time listening to the heart. His beats were only 60bps while he slept, they should be 120. I know you have been through so much but this is a serious concern and you will have to admit him into intensive care for a heart monitor and testing. He may have SIDS.”

At the hospital the heart monitor would sound an alarm when ever Casey’s heart beat would drop below 80bpm referred to as bradycardia. It would happen frequently. During the night he had aphnea, which is when he stops breathing for over 15 seconds. This condition is usually in premature babies and they outgrow it by the time they reach normal birth age. Casey was two weeks over due.

The same elders came and gave Casey a blessing. Again it was powerful and there was a command of healing. Although it wasn't as immediate like Kendy, Casey’s monitor stopped going off less frequent. Finally Casey was released on November 22nd with a home monitor. This home monitor recorded his heartbeats and would alarm for any bradycardia. It only went off because of bad connections not for bradycardia. First comes the trial of our faith and then the blessings.


Britt said...

Wow, mom. What an ordeal! This was really interesting to read, thanks for posting it. The pictures are super cute, too. What happened to our blond hair?

Debbie said...

I can hardly imagine going through that. I enjoyed you sharing one of these stories in Primary on Sunday too. Your faith and testimony really grew through these experiences didn't it?

I sure love ya, Anita! Hope you are doing well. We need to do another karaoke/dessert evening. Maybe some Saturday we could double date since we have a weekly sitter lined up now.

Aim said...

Thanks for sharing this story in Primary the other day. Miracles happen everyday and most of the world doesn't even know. What a wonderful reminder--Thank you!

Ashley said...

Wow Anita That is so scary. I am glad they are doing good. prayers are amazing. Hope you are doing ok

Paige Barron said...

Thanks for sharing these stories. I am glad that they all had such good outcomes. Cute babies too! =D