Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Moment that will Last Forever

July 30th 2010 6 am we board a small plane. As the sunrises we fly to the BIG island from Oahu to go to the amazing edifice dedicated to the work of the Lord, the Kona Temple.

When you have children you want to endow them with everything, your love, your knowledge and your faith. This day we watched our children take out their Temple endowments. Heavenly Father loves them so much more than we are capable of and has so much more to endow them with.

A special day for our family forever because it was the day that Luis and Kendy were sealed forever as husband and wife. Stefan was sealed to them as a forever family. The ceremony it self is simple and doesn't last long but its implications reach back from the beginning and go forth to no end of eternity. There is not words to describe the joy we feel because of these events.

We took many cherished memories home with us. We went body surfing at Hukilau Beach, experienced the Polynesian Cultural Center, husked a coconut, smelt plumerias daily, ate delicious tropical treats like fresh shrimp and pineapple. We played with the feeling plants, chased crabs and walked barefoot in the sands.

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Ashley said...

What a great day!