Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sunnyside

I have changed my blog title to The Sunnyside of Life. This is a challenging time in my life. I take a day at a time and often, most often, I find wonderful things happening in my life and around me. When my focus is on the positive, the negative seems minute.

One of the blessings in my life right now is technology. I get to listen to my grandson, Stefan, practice his violin , he will call me up, put the phone on speaker and practice. Kendy even called me when he did his recite and I listened to that! I also get to see videos now and again of his events that I wish I were able to attend.

Britt skypes me on the computer and I can watch my granddaughter, Olivia, practice rolling over, sitting up, giggling or just smile because she reacts to my voice and image on the computer.

I've been pretty house bound for the past few weeks because my car engine is ruined and the weather is cold but with the internet, Wii fit, guitar hero, tv, painting, cleaning house, and caring for my disabled sister-in-law, Shelly, I have been pretty busy. I feel like I can order just about anything I need online and it will come to my door step. It just takes a little for-site. Technology provides me with options, convenience, and activities.

Definitely my favorite piece of new tech is my iphone. I enjoy playing a game of Shake and Spell with my daughters, even though they almost always win, they're both so smart. I can check my email and respond. I can take a photo or receive them and feel apart of the happenings of those that care to share. Britt has sent me a photo of Olivia since the day I left Spokane when she was only a few weeks old. I have literally got to see her grow-up daily.


Britt Riggin said...

I love being able to talk to you every day. I also love the contrast of pictures from when Olivia was just born to her watching you on skype :) I, too, miss watching Stefan's recitals.

Debbie said...

Technology really can bless our lives! I know you have had some challenges these past months. I admire your positive attitude, Anita! Hang in there!