Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Piece of Heaven for 2011 Part 2- Lux

comes to visit grandma and grandpa often.
Grandpa takes him around to all the photos in the house and teaches him all about the family. He visits when Ashley goes to school to be an audio engineer at Media TechInstitute while Casey works for Verizon as an application developer creating aprogram to stream video directly to TV. Lux had his first birthday and reallyenjoyed the cake and ice cream. He loves music and already has some dancemoves. While Britt visited we all spent the evening with Casey and his familyat their lovely home in Dallas near the Arboretum. Ashley introduced us to anew yummy salad dressing and a delicious dinner while we enjoyed watching thecousins play together. Lux danced wonderfully to his Elmo stocking tune andCasey sang to us while he played guitar. Lux loves to dance and he loves togrowl. He growls when he loves something or when he hates something or when hejust wants to play around. He was appropriately a tiger for Halloween. Lux hasstriking blue eyes and is a handsome mix of Ashley and Casey.

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