Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Piece of Heaven for 2011- Part 5 0f 5 Visitors and Vacations

We were able to see some of our family this year and enjoyed that so much.  Hope to see more soon..

Luis and Kendy had a quick visit with us on on their way to Cancun. Kendy needed a break. She has been working on her bachelors degree and just finished mid December. She has been a registered nurse for some months and working as such. She is working at the Center for Change where they help patients with eating disorders. Luis is International Operations/Regulatory Affairs Manager at SISEL International
We were able to have Steve and Cheryl share their wedding anniversary week with us.  Dody took us all to the Medieval Knights for dinner and a show.  That was so fun.

We drove to Vegas for Olive Walker, my mom's, 50+ birthday.  We had a wonderful luncheon together as a family.  Brice and Angela had gotten her a crystal with their photo engraved inside it. 
We ate at Applebee's where my sister, Gayla, works.  
We stayed for 5 hours eating lunch and then playing games!
Lavar Johnston came to Dallas to watch the BYU vs TCU football game at the Cowboy stadium and to celebrate his 85th birthday.

Gayla and Shawn were able to visit for a few days.  we had a nice time going on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad.

Britt flew in with her two babies and Casey came with his family for Thanksgiving.  We ate turkey and all the trimmings and had a great visit watching the cousins play together.

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