Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Piece of Heaven for 2011 Part 3- Olivia

Olivia turned two July 6, 2011. Now she can say and sing her ABC’s. Olivia can count to 12 with some variations. She started the year with singing “diddo diddo “for twinkle little star and can now sing it well although it is her own interpretation and can last over 45 minutes straight. She can even sing it when asleep! She is FULL of personality that charms everyone she’s around her. Britt, Cy, Olivia and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo in November. Olivia was awed by the sea turtles and a large gorilla which interacted with her behind a very thick glass. Later that day she built a sand castle at Lake Grapevine, which was in her to do list for Texas. We went shopping to buy Olivia black church shoes to go with her new Christmas dress. She found some pink leopard print sparkly shoes and looked up at grandma with her BIG brown eyes and proclaimed "I love them so much", so she got two pairs of shoes. Grandma and Grandpa love her so much. Olivia has matured from the world being hers back in May: “ my tree, my rain, my bus, my temple” and Cy was “my guy”. Olivia loves to paint and draw and create. She is particularly good at creating messes but can sing “clean up”. She loves to help care for baby brother, Cy. Olivia has a sweet quiet voice unless she is declaring her independence in loud wails.

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